The union of love that brought two special people together in 1989 to share lives and interests has blossomed into a busy and flourishing business. Our dedication to our work, each other and to the community and world in which we live is an empowering force with which we share with others those precious things in life.

We see in people their desire to share what is important to them, such as pride in their community, family, work and interests. To show others what they have done and what they can do. The power of images can shape thought, and a truly excellent photograph can take you to far worlds wherin your imagination is set free and feelings of wonder lift you to see all the things in your life and world that are special.

As photographers, we may fiddle with our gear, or worry about the lighting, but our mind's eye is always looking to extract from life's scenery those very special moments.


Jane Crisan

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